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CUSCO ANDES ADVENTURE E.I.R.L is formal agency legally recognized for the Peruvian law. For any requests about trips, bookings, etc., please contact us through email: .

After you choose the desired program, read the terms and conditions below since your reserve is subject to this. A contract is celebrated once the format has received along with the deposit, we accept and confirm then your reservation.                

Please keep in mind that all the trip arrangements are not confirmed until it is expressed on writing for CUSCO ANDES ADVENTURE E.I.R.L.

Information about permission and passport

The Inka Trail permissions, entrance tickets for Machupicchu and train tickets are non-transferable. Due to strict governmental regulations, you can’t cancel, change or alter the name nor the date on the reservation. If for some reason you can’t come on the day you have planned, there is no reimbursement. Once you made your reservation, CUSCO ANDES ADVENTURE will give your information to the staff at the National Park. This information includes your full name, Passport number, nationality, gender and day of birth. All mentioned before will be requested at the beginning of the Inka Trail or in Machupicchu. You must bring your physical original passport to the trek in order to be verified by the Park. If any information is missing or it is not the same, you won’t be able to do the trek.

In case of a change on your passport number for any reason, you have two options: You can send us a copy of the new passport 10 days before the start date of your trip. The fee to change the passport number is $15 that is collected by the National Park at your arrival. The other option is to bring your old and the new passport at the beginning of the trek, this will be a no cost to you.

Student discount

In order to get the discount, you must have on you a valid ISIC. It is important to scan it and send us an email at the moment of your reservation. Since it is valid for the date you are booking the Inka Trail, a trek of your choice or any of our other services.  ( you must show the physical ISIC upon your arrival to Cusco and Machupicchu)


The amount of $350 per person is need as a deposit for the trek and the 50% deposit for a tour with CUSCO ANDES ADVENTURE. You can use Pay Pal or Western Union that includes a 6% commission paid by the client. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable at all. In the case of a cancellation, we will evaluate the expenses of this according to our cancellation policies. It is no possible to transfer your deposit to another person if they cancel, this person will need to send their own payment. The final payment will be done the first day the client arrives to Cusco prior its departure day.  This payment can be done through Western Union, Pay Pal or cash (American US dollars or Peruvian Soles). Please make sure the receipts are on a good condition since CUSCO ANDES ADVENTURE doesn’t accept ripped ones.

Non refundable cancellations

Due to strict regulations on Machupicchu National Park, once you have made your reservation, you won’t be able to cancel your spot, nor change name or date on it either. If you are unable to come on the day you already reserved, we won’t be able to reimburse you. Permissions and tickets are no refundable as well, and we buy all of the, once you confirmed the reservation.                                                             

Unfortunately, CUSCO ANDES ADVENTURE, is not able to refund the permission for the Inka Trail, since they are very limited they can’t be transferable or refundable. The last minute reservations require a 100% deposit of the total tour/treks subject to the conditions of the hotels, trains, tours or others and it will be based on availability.

Vacations or increments of eleccion

These increments are $ 60 per person applied to all the treks regardless if they are private or share which are programmed for the holidays such: Christmas (December 22, 23, 24 & 25), New Year (December 30, 31 & January 1st), Peru Independence festivities (July 27, 28 & 29).

Increments in case of strikes and protests

In the event of a strike or protest that is not too frequent in Cusco, we consider the possibility to leave one or even two days ahead of the original programmed day. In this case, you will need to cover your own lodging expenses as needed.

Travel insurance

We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance with accident, medical expenses, rescue and air ambulance coverage. Also we suggest to obtain insurance in case of cancellations and lost luggage. Please send a copy of the company and policy number through email or bring the information with you to the office when you in Cusco.

On the event of a medical emergency or injurie during our excursions or trek, we are trained to offer you the first aid needed at the moment and also the transportation to a medical facility. However, we are not responsible of the cost of other expenses of transportation or the medical attention.

Extreme situations

There are some situations that could incur during your trip that are out of control of CUSCO ANDES ADVENTURE. Included but not limited, disturbance, political disturbance, terrorist activities, diseases, natural disasters and/or environmental or inclement weather. CUSCO ANDES ADVENTURE won’t be responsible for them and reserve the right to change, postpone or even cancel a trek. On the specific case of the cancelation of the Inka Trail, there won’t be refund, although on the other alternate treks, we will discuss what possibilities we may have.                    

The weather on the mountains is very unpredictable, CUSCO ANDES ADVENTURE is not responsible for any delays, detours or cancellations due to the weather conditions and no reimbursement will be given.

Basic information

We need the informational sheet filled with the following data such personal information, hotels you will stay, food and restrictions, insurance and more.

Change done by the clients

The person who signs the reservation, is the only one who will be authorize to do changes on tours/ excursions/treks/ renting or service. The amount of $50 of the order will be charged in order to change something. Although we will do our best to process your request, it is not guarantee and can incur on additional expenses.


We can book different hotel categories like 3, 4 or 5 stars. We offer a variety of option, it will depend on you and the trek style you are interested on. You are responsible for any damaged luggage or item during your stay. All the hotels in Peru will require you to show your passport and the immigration card for taxes purposes.

Train timeables

On the high season, the trains are completely booked, on these situations we need to reserve the trains that are “subject to availability “. We don’t have control on the seat assignment and these tickets are nonrefundable as well.

Train advises

The luggage policy has been limited per the train companies of Peru and Inka rail, which is as follows: one backpack can’t weight over 11 pounds 0r 157 cm (length, height and wide). Although if you need to bring more with you, you can leave it at your hotel in Cusco or leave it at our office.                                                                 

To be able to get on the train you must show your original identity card or passport, otherwise you won’t get on the train for safety reasons.